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Jackie Glasson

Miss S Grant is a competent and trustworthy individual. I used Miss Grant’s services for personal diary management and emailing services, which she completed in the time allocated and to a very high standard. I would definitely recommend SG Virtual Office and look forward to working with Miss Grant in the future.

Kulveerpal Singh Director of Ffynnon Carreg Ltd

5 Star service! Thank you Stefanie.

Hemant Singh Admin Assistant at Surendra Medical College & Hospital

Stefanie is a great presenter; I really enjoyed what she talks about. I would recommend Stefanie anytime. I hired Stefanie to build our website of Surendra Medical College & Hospital (SMCH). Stefanie has the responsibility to maintain the site. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentation is clear and immediately actionable. In addition, her style is open and inviting to questions and willingly gave her time to respond to questions thoroughly. Stefanie is extremely enthusiastic about her work, which is infectious. I would always strongly recommend hiring Stefanie for any administrator and business assistance work and will use her service again in future for the benefit of our organization.


Joaquin Gindre Architect at Keeps Architect []

I hired Stefanie to build my website and also instruct me on how to maintain it in the future. She was very creative and knowledgeable in developing the concept for the website and turning my ideas into a functioning site. Stefanie’s experience in this field was evident as I was advised on ways to generate new users to my site and also taught how to adapt the site myself. I would strongly recommend hiring Stefanie for any PA-related work and I know I will use her services again in the future


Jill Turner Facilities Manager Ipsos MORI UK Limited

Stefanie is a self motivated professional who easily adapts and embraces change in any environment. Stefanie is personable and has the ability to work alone or as part of a team. Stefanie’s experience in HR strengthens her ability to create strong teams and build relations with clients of all kinds. With a keen eye for detail and ambition Stefaine can turn her hand to any challenge and is a great solution finder, which for me is an essential tool for any role in any business


Rob Howard Assistant Special Agent in Charge at FBI

Stefanie is a highly motivated and ambitious person, she has a lot of potential which will be used in her field of studies and expertise. Get it done” is one way to describe Stefanie; to be clear, it is one of her many great attributes. There are to many to name in this brief recommendation. From the moment I met Stefanie she impressed me. She is a warm and generous spirit who deeply cares about others and about doing the right thing. She is tireless and driven to insure things are going forward and uses that drive and focus to help others achieve. She is a bright, wonderful leader. More importantly, she is a beautiful and passionate soul that is a pleasure to get to know.

Aslan Deniz Marketing Executive at Acil Group LTD

Stefanie is a highly efficient Personal Assistant. Stefanie is an enthusiastic professional and can adapt to changing situations. Her friendly disposition enables her to build strong client relations, which allows for a dynamic and highly productive working environment.


Victor Talha Co-founder / Partner at XperiOn Lava Group

I recommend Stefanie Grant as a business consultant and assistant for any high-end results based task. I have hired Stefanie on a number of occasions and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and putting up with my fickle clients! lol You’re truly the right lady for the job! If You need any further reference or need to ask me anything in depth, please reach me at 305-747-1842 Thnx


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