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If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, would you like an efficient and cost effective solution?


Welcome to the SG Virtual Office website – the professional, reliable and flexible way to manage all of your administration, secretarial and PA tasks.


This service aims to alleviate all of the time consuming tasks that you just do not have time for. No matter what your industry or where you are located, a Virtual Assistant can provide you with all the administrative support you will need. Your Virtual Assistant can be hired on an hourly basis and there are no fixed contracts. This is a simple pay as you go system that will allow you to decrease costs and free up your valuable time. Outsourcing your time consuming administration and non-income generating responsibilities to a Virtual Assistant will give you more time to focus on growing and developing your business.


Just think, wouldn’t it be nice if you had the time and space to:


*Free up your mind to focus on important business strategies?

*Keep in contact with your clients and consumers and build valuable relationships?

*Leave work on time?

*Spend more time with your family and friends?

*Be able to pursue a hobby without having to come home to mountains of paperwork?

*Take a well-earned break?


The beauty of hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you only pay for the hours of work you require. I work independently and this allows you to free up time and avoid the long and frustrating recruitment and selection process. Other benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant include:


*Practical, reliable and guaranteed Admin, Secretarial and PA services

*Flexible hours to suit you and your business

*Avoid HR rules and regulations

*Avoid pension schemes and employee insurances

*Avoid training costs

*Avoid hiring additional office space and equipment


Why not take a look at the services a Virtual Assistant can provide?



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